Hi All!

I know a lot of you are frustrated with order fulfillment as I was as well. As a matter of fact, I sent a message into Fanatec for an update on order status yesterday. To my surprise, I woke up to a notification from FedEx that a shipment of 3 boxes will be made today. Here is my timeline to hopefully give you some hope for your order (for reference, I'm located outside of Houston, TX):

1/13/2024 - Placed order, wheel showing 2/6 availability

2/9/2024 - Email stating my order is being processed. Status showed order was handed to warehouse

2/15/2024 - Email from FedEx that shipment will be made on 2/16/2024. My order is still showing same status on Fanatec website and no tracking number associated with it.

I hope this helps with understanding their order fulfillment times and communication level.

Happy Racing!!

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