Unfulfilled Order / No Communication or Response from Fanatec.

My order was placed November 23rd. And nothing. Multiple emails and the website contact form and no human response since November. (Order 1824381)

Due to the webcart not letting me add a second QR2, I placed that as a separate order on the same day. That arrived weeks ago (1841812).

Called customer service number, went to voicemail: "This voicemail box is full.". It is one thing to be behind on orders or to have supply chain issues, it is another to have such non-existent customer service.

I understand some people are unreasonable and impatient. But when your website says ships in a week or so, and now almost 90 days later... nothing. Completely unacceptable. I'd contest the card charge, but it is already outside of 60 days.

I'd really just rather get my product. And if I were to get any kind of response and assurance that my order will be fulfilled in the next few weeks. I'd be fine.

However, I don't know if Fanatec is going under, or what. The complete lack of communication has me concerned for my $1,500 order ever being fullfilled.

Researching my options it would appear that Fanatec is at this point in violation of FTC rules. I hope someone from Fanatec reads this and escalates to management as this company has a systemic issue if the number of posts in this forum and online complaints are any indication. And all Fanatec has to do is communicate.


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