What is going on @ Fanatec?


I wonder what the hell is going on with Fanatec at the moment. They seem to be unavailable by phone for quite some time. A response to a support request is taking 1 week+ for each answer, and the answer given is stupid and not customer friendly. Now, past 2 weeks, complete silence, no response to my latest 3 replies.. Sadly, I read lots of complaints lately regarding customer support, orders and so on.

I Bought multiple products over the years, recently a DD. Now there is a problem with the base, but request me to send it ALL back. On top of that "It is MY responsibility for returning the goods 'safely' and use proper packaging".

Is it too much asked, to just replace the faulty base and have me return the old in that same packaging? Is it normal, being unable to use the products for 4+ weeks (Without shipping and returning) or just bad customer support. Is it my problem that the base is faulty after just a few months and few sessions? I'm not your test guy here, I'm a customer. You can find out what's wrong with the base and repair it if you like, after you provided me with a solution.

Hope people think twice from now on, ordering from you with this kind of BS. I know, I will, this is just disgusting.

Get your sh*t together and start solving customers problems, please, in a customer friendly way!

PS: Take a look at RMA/66117F + Request 340307 and if there is any compassion left, give me a CALL.


  • The problem is that there are a lot of people who need assistance, so they won't respond to you until they've responded to the other people who are in the queue before you.

    In my experience Fanatec is not a customer oriented company. So they have a decent sales system, which works well when everything goes smoothly. Most people won't have any problems, because the products are also good and will work well in most cases. However, if for some reason the order requires intervention by an employee, or if the product has a malfunction, contacting the company is difficult, the wait becomes unnerving, communication is absent.

    And then there are the lies, the worst thing of all. Fanatec closed the phones 6 months ago, but the CEO continues to say that Black Friday, at the end of November, 3 months ago, is to blame. But most people won't notice anything, making those people who have been affected even more frustrated.

  • everything well described. we all need to know that they do this on purpose. nothing here is a coincidence. because if they wanted to improve the entire system, it wouldn't be left only to idle talk and promises of the "great" CEO

  • From what you write, I conclude that you are claiming seller's warranties, while Fanatec is invoking the terms of manufacturer's warranties.

    Since Fanatec acts as both seller and manufacturer, it ultimately depends on how long ago the purchase was made. In Germany, you can invoke the statutory warranty for the first 12 months, afterwards the (voluntary) manufacturer's warranty usually applies.

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