APM + Xbox Hub V2 issue

Good evening community ✌️

I have a question about Fanatec's APM.

I use it together with a Universal Hub Xbox V2 and a Button Module Endurance, but the upper two pedals do not work. Neither in games, nor in the Fanatec Control Panel. Drivers are all up to date. Is this necessarily a case for the RMA or just a matter of attitude? Couldn't find anything in this regard yet...

Thanks for every tip 👌

Edit: Fortunately, I was able to narrow down the problem a little more. Since my F1 2023 steering wheel is also equipped with an APM, I was able to exchange the APM with the APM from the Xbox Hub v2 and have the full function on the F1 steering wheel and again no function on the upper two paddles on the Xbox Hub.

So the problem here is probably with the Xbox Hub V2. Do I have to unlock something there? No idea... the assembly instructions from Fanatec are already very outdated... at that time there was still a Rj12 connection inside the Xbox Hub, which no longer exists today. Otherwise, I connected everything correctly and the function is given on the other steering wheel.

If anyone else has any idea, feel free to give me the information. Otherwise, I will open a ticket with the support at the same time.



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