Fanatec why are you not responding to support tickets?!

I am so annoyed and tired of this company... I have been placing orders for a few months. I have pre-ordered the products. OK. I understand that you will have to wait and that delivery may be delayed. But why can't I contact you in any way?! What kind of company is this with which the customer has no possibility of contact?! Questions asked in the form on the website remain unanswered. This is some kind of mockery of customers...


  • I've been waiting a week for a response from a support case because my new wheel base dd+ stopped working after two hours of use.

    Waiting more than two months, for shipping after its official date, in addition to the pre-sale time, finally, you receive a €1000 product and in two hours it becomes a very expensive paperweight.

    Today I have requested the withdrawal of the product and a refund of the money. But, surprise, Fanatec does not answer.

  • I just started with a dispute via my bank and I just realize that you have up to 120 days to file a dispute. After 2,5 months of no reply we have to go in this direction I suppose and hopefully it will work out that way....

  • Are you getting a confirmation message of a received support ticket? Because I didn't. Maybe they aren't even receiving them.

  • For some of my tickets i got auto response (that explains nothing about my question), and for some not even that. Never got a real answer.

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