DD1 QR2 Came With Base Side QR1

Purchased on black Friday, just arrived and the base has a QR1 instead of a QR2. I submitted a service request explaining the issue but knowing the turnaround time ordered one as well. Any thought on the proper way to get this remediated? Anyone else have this issue?


  • when packing


  • i THINK DD1 sold as:

    1. DD1 QR1 installed
    2. DD1 QR1 installed with QR2 included (See DD2 on US site)
    3. DD1 QR2 installed

    Do you remember which version it was when you purchased it?

    Also. Some customers who bought the M4 QR2 version with QR2 cable received different versions of those. QR1, or QR2 with QR1 cable or whatever. They posted the issue, but never reported back if the issue was handled. I assume it was or they would have come back to complain?

    I would RMA asap, but if you received it yesterday, double check to see if you have a 2nd package on its way. Good Luck!

  • Thank you for the comment. It was listed as DD1 QR2. I would assume that means installed. I did submit a ticket and purchased a base side QR2 as there was no other shipment expected per FedEx. I hope once they see my ticket I can just get reimbursed.

  • After 3 months I got the order two weeks ago and emailed them since I got the same issue, but still no reply from them....

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