Downtime during IT infrastructure maintenance (Updated 1.3.2024)



  • Hello, could I have information regarding the shipment of my order? Order number: 1837181 placed on November 24th, in Italy.

    I have been waiting for over 2 months. I have contacted you many times via email, but I have never received a response.

    Can someone at Fanatec better address this issue and inform us about what is happening?

  • Thank you for everything ! Indeed I will ask for more help on the right forum.

  • Just wanted to give everyone an update since I don't see it that often on here.

    Located in California

    Ordered my 2 separate items on Nov. 27, 2023

    1st order was handed over to warehouse on Nov. 27, 2023

    1st order consist of club sport paddle, shifter, usb adapter, pedal v3, brake performance, and damper kit

    Arrived to the house on Dec. 21, 2023 (this was California Warehouse)

    2nd order was handed over to warehouse on Dec. 29, 2023

    2nd order consist of dd1, qr2 wheel-side, and steering wheel RS

    Arrived to the house on Feb. 17, 2024 (this was Texas warehouse)

    I had received the dd1 without the QR2 Base-Side (Type-M)

    I emailed them through their company support line, made a post on their blog on "information regarding our us warehouse" since I kept reading they are unresponsive and i was worried since there was an issue with my order. I messaged them on the Feb. 17, 2024

    Feb. 20, 2024 i tried calling them on there 1-800 line and never got through and when trying to leave a voicemail, their mailbox was full. I direct message James on this forum in hopes of getting a response but it didn't happen so i waited a couple of more days in hopes of getting an email from fanatec.

    Feb. 22, 2024 I made a post on their Instagram page in hopes of getting a response but it didn't happen but I went back to the blog and saw that there was a new post for "downtime during it infrastructure maintenance" and I immediately made a post in hopes of getting a response. The post was made on Feb. 23, 2024 and got a response from James.

    Feb. 25, 2024 i got a response from fanatec for the customer service in email

    Feb. 26, 2024 i replied back with pictures

    Feb. 27,2024 they replied back with the fix and they are planning to ship the part i need in order for me to use the dd1

    This is a timeline on my orders and getting it fixed. I personally did not have an issue of waiting since it was everywhere, like in social media, forums, youtube, and etc. on how long it would take. The only issue i had was not getting a complete product and having to wait even longer to get it fixed. I would say about a week for a simple fix

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents in here just in case people where in the same situation as i am. Just wanted to post this since i don't see a lot of people post about the fixes but your experience might be different from mine. all it matters now is that i will be able to play with my son.

    Would i buy from them again even though it took this long? yes. i just placed an order for the podium hub and qr2 wheel-side on Feb 27,2024 since i know that the qr2 base is coming.

    hopefully this helps others that are in the same situation. also what helps was that i was signed up with FedEx home tracking and was notified before fanatec and i did not even get an update on shipping for my 2nd order but lucky i signed up with FedEx and got notified. highly suggest signing up and turn on notification from the shipping company, helps a lot.

  • RE: Order # 1859750

    You guys did not send the shifter in my November order which finally arrived after almost 3 months.

    Your customer service replied right away to my email, but first denying there was a problem by telling me I made a mistake and that it was shipped. Then asking for pictures of the shipment. 3 emails later, after sending back everything that was asked for, proving the shifter was not sent, they stopped replying.

    I have been waaaaay patient though all this. PLEASE RESOLVE THIS IMMEDIATELY.

  • YES,They sent me an email telling me that my order couldn't be shipped because the limited edition F123 steering wheel was out of stock, and then apologized to me.

  • Hello, could someone from Fanatec contact me about order 1842166? I have a product (shifter) stuck at warehouse for 3 months+ now with no response.

  • THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND NOW. I decided to contact the BBB, as well as PP and my bank, i dont care how i go about it but im getting my money back. This company has been nothing but scummy, liars, giving false promises. And now after waiting since the 8th for my order and only receiving my wheel, now they’re claiming that the warehouse packed everything together when i know that people dont receive things in one package like they said. I sent proof from FedEx. how can a whole bundle fit in something that is 5 lbs and only 14x9x8?

    Aint no way im letting these people keep my money.


  • I'd just like to receive a track number, some information, something that would make me wait more clearly. We know that FANATEC has become a huge company, but all this disruption, all this mess makes the company less credible. Unfortunately this experience leaves a huge scar and it will take time to heal.

  • Hi @James

    my BF order went "Handover to warehouse". I was wondering if tracking numbers will be provided once the goods are shipped, or if good may have already been shipped



  • My Black Friday orders have arrived, so I hope you all will be patient. No. 181XXXX

  • Good to hear some stuff is finally getting shipped out. i'm patiently waiting for order: 193XXXX (ordered yesterday)

    Curious to see how long it will take already changed status to handed to warehouse, btw everything was in stock so.

  • My order number was placed on November 22nd, 2023, and was handed over to the warehouse on January 19th, 2024. Last week, the official sent me an email because the limited edition F12023 was out of stock, so it had not been shipped yet . Then last week I sent an email to ask when the goods would be available. The staff replied that they would arrive at the warehouse this week and were expected to be shipped before the end of March. Then I checked on Wednesday and the logistics order number had appeared. I had received it on Thursday. I believe you should also receive it soon. receive

  • At present, I think fanatec is recovering. If all items are in stock, I believe you will receive them in the next two weeks, because I checked in the United States and the CSDD+F1 set they purchased was received within two or three days after placing the order.

  • This is my Black Friday order. I still have another request, which is that the delivery time to the warehouse is January 19th, but the actual delivery time is March 13th, so I hope that the fanatec warranty period can start from March 13th. calculate😥

  • Ordered Feb 29th all items in stock. No update since being handed to warehouse. Cannot get a response from the Customer Service team.

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  • Little hope that "James" will respond here but I am beyond caring.

    Just wanted Fanatec to know that I will be pursuing a pull of the funds ( via Paypal ) for order 1919847 tomorrow ( 3/21 ). Done dealing with your bulls**t and ZERO customer service. All products were "4 to 7 days for delivery" when ordered over a month ago and there has been ZERO real response to multiple e-mails/inquiries and your Customer Service phone mail is full.

    This is the worst customer service I have ever seen because THERE IS NONE. The BBB in the US will also be notified.

    Logitech will be glad to provide better customer service and, at this point, a better product.

  • Hello @james

    my order number 1933524 ,received 2 tracking number. Delivered 1 item V3 pedal at 20 March to my Canada’s address, but the other one clubsport F1 steering wheel has delivered to Coppell TX 75019 at the next day which is NOT the address I provided !

    Sent many emails to customers service to report my issue over two weeks and still get NONE response , I believe I am not the only one person who had the same issue , not sure is USPS ‘s problem ?

    Curious how many months do I still have to wait for any Fanatec’s reply ? ? I truly believe your products are fantastic but my first experience in purchasing Fanatec is sooooo bad

  • Does anyone have any news? Order placed on March 28th, I'm very worried about what you read on the web!!!

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