Formula 2.5X LED's only work with Fanalab?

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I previously had a CSW 2.5 with the Formula black and now a CS DD with the Formula 2.5X.

With the CSW+Formula black everything worked out of the box, with the CS DD+Formula 2.5X the LEDs on the steering wheel only work in conjunction with Fanalab. Is this intentional or have I overlooked a setting?

In the combination CSW+Formula 2.5X everything works the same as with the Formula black - all LEDs work as intended without Fanalab.

Can someone enlighten me on how to get the Formula 2.5X to work without Fanalab on the CS DD?



  • The solution to the puzzle is called CSW V2.5 Compatibility Mode

    Big THX @Maurice Böschen👍️

  • where Do you enable that compatibility at? I just got my wheels but lights don't work at at with no games. It does passes LED test.

  • Compatibility Mode is set on the wheelbase; it is described in detail in the operating instructions for your base...

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