True analog stick, which wheel has one?

I just got my first Fanatec product and it is the GT7 DD Pro 8Nm. I am use to a true analog stick like on our controllers. I had them on my Logitech and Thrustmater wheels. So naturally I expected it on a Fanatec wheel, especially one designed by GT devs. SO now all I have is click left or right 100%, no nudging the view left or right to see my full rear view mirror or just to the side mirrors. With how horrible GT7 cockpit view is and really no way to change it, I really need that true analog stick.

So I am trying to figure out which Fanatec wheel would have one on it. And it needs to be a circle wheel, not an F1 style. Does Fanatec even have a way to look around the car left and right properly, does any wheel they have work this way. Would be incredibly stupid not to have that feature. Just makes no sense.

Any help please, thanks!


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