DD+ and RMA

Just want to let all of you know who is planing to send DD+ back for repair.

I preordered DD+, It was sent to me on 7.2. I got a defective one. I had to send it back for RMA, and now i will get a replacement in April. WTF?!


  • well, what you can todo about it because they simply not have them arrived yet from china

  • how long did it take after you got a reply from your support ticket ?

  • Tomaz HocevarTomaz Hocevar Member
    edited February 29

    10+ days for product support. General support still haven't answered me in more than two months.

  • i also waiting for any reply from support now 8 Days!

    Similar problem, my DD+ base is not switching on, omg what a company!

  • Around the 7-10 business days. They also told me to have patience with my RMA (they received it on 1/26 but haven't worked on it yet). Probably won't get it back until Summer.

  • I thought the base had a software bug that was preventing the base from starting up and the repair is now supposed to take several weeks to months.

    That's really unreasonably long for such a fault.😞

  • The repair has already been carried out. Despite the increased number of support requests, my base has already been repaired.

    I hope it works now.

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