WTB Clubsport V3 pedals , WTS CSL pedals with mods (TX-US)

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I'm looking to upgrade my CSL pedals. I bought they accidentally earlier this month. I added mods to the accelerator and brake from 3Drap but can't get the feel I'm wanting.

Let me know what you have.

Let me know if you're interested in my pedals. Have everything included in the shipment, will include mods. Can send pics.




  • Hello there here are some of the mods I've done I made a inverted pedal setup which works really good. I also took out the stock elastomers and replace them with a spring from an air compressor regulator and a shock absorber bushing from the automotive industry. I found just the right pedal feel on the load cell brake and have been very happy with it. I used stainless steel washers instead of the plastic ones. Works like a dream.

  • These are not for sale as I made it for myself. I thought about making a setup like this for the pedals and selling it just haven't done it yet. This picture is the shock absorber bushings I was referring to which work really well and they are cheap on ebay. I used one of them with that air compressor regulator spring I referred to which was just what I wanted. You could use one of these with one of the stock elastomers or use both or find a spring to do a combo like I did. The trick is to add or remove washers so there's no play when you let off the pedal. Then you're dialed in. Here's what the inverted pedal setup looked like when I started before I added the J channel 1/4" aluminum. It worked good but now it's at another level.

  • Flipped the pedal plates. Much better.

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