Clubsport V3 pedals not registering on Ps4

I've recently bought a set of the clubsport V3 pedals. I previously have the CSL elite pedals which worked fine with my setup. I have the pedals connected to the CSL elite wheel base via an RJ12 cable, and the wheelbase is connected to the PS4 via USB. I'm playing on the 2023 F1 game, I'm still getting steering input from the wheel, but nothing from the gas or brake pedal.

Any ideas what could be the cause?


  • CBHCBH Member

    I had this problem sometime ago where I brought V3 pedals for my CLS playing GT Sport, but I will try remember what I did.

    Have you connected the wheelbase to your PC, so the wheelbase and the V3 pedals are all working together ?.

    Make sure when you disconnect and connect your cables on your wheelbase, your wheelbase has to be tuned off. I was disconecting the V3 pedals on my CLS while it was on, and my V3 pedals did not work for some reason so I tuned the wheel off and then it work, and I think I did this.

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