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Why do you have to get a QR when you order a wheel ?? I am trying to order a wheel and did not select a QR as i have a QR2 already for the wheel...but the order system says 4 days delivery....but if you dont select a QR or you choose the free QR1 lite, it defaults to QR1 lite and delays the order 6 weeks until there is availability.. I have tried to order 2 wheels so far and had to cancel them both because of the pushed delivery.. can fanatec just try to sell the wheel without the QR1 lite in 4 days or send the QR1 lite when it is available..this is not good


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    Don't have any problems ordering the wheel alone, I believe it's your error.

    Tried it out with the clubsport wheel 330rim and had no problems ordering just the wheel without any delays...

    If you can tell me which ones you want I might be able to help you out.

    Im not an employee btw.

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    Mclaren gt3 wheel for example it's not clear if bundle with default free qr1 affekt wheel delivery, and in orders history no details for delivery estimation. I assume fanatec did qr1 update, and they delayed to deliver wheels with free plastic qr1.

  • Don't confuse "wheels" with "rims". You must necessarily choose a QR when purchasing a wheel. If you skip that choice page, at least the free QR1 lite will still be added to the cart. So you will have to wait for the availability date.

    If instead of pre-ordering, you wait until the QR1 lite is actually available, you might even receive the wheel sooner. This has been the experience of many customers recently, pre-orders can become problematic.

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