Le Mans Ultimate – Wheel Buttons/Shifters and Force Feedback disconnect

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I have nearly every race the issue, that suddenly all Wheel Buttons/Shifters are not working anymore and at the same time the Force Feedback is completely gone!

Turning off / on the wheelbase or disconnect / connect the wheel doesn’t help! I need to restart the game and turn off/on the wheel base to be able to race again.

I am using a Fanatec CS DD (12nm) and F1 2023 wheel with the newest drivers (455) and turned off all interference apps like MSI afterburner, Riva Tuner, GeForce Experience, Razer and so on…

I also tried the Fanatec 456 Release Candidate drivers. Same problem!

Operating System is Windows 10.

Please help. It’s not possible to play like this!



See attachment for logs and game trace:


  • Check that your windows power settings is not set to put USB devices to sleep. Set USB selective suspend to Disabled.

    Try a different USB port (some USB3 ports can cause issues).

    If you use a hub make sure not too many power hungry devices are plugged in with the wheel.

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