dear fanatec no answer my refund

Hello, dear fanatec, 
I have already written to you
 100 times in the last 3 months, 
just no answer. I am waiting for my
 VAT refund, which I am entitled to...
 can I have an answer, thank you


  • No wonder. If each customer would write 100 emails within 3 months, you and all others will have to wait a long time because each email creates new waiting time and must be processed.

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    I have been waiting for my order since November 2023. No information, no feedback and no way to contact them by phone. It's even worse, the phone number no longer exists - makes me feel really safe.

    It would be better if fanatec improves theyr customer service. Seems that there are only 5 people working on all the request´s.

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