I want my money part 2

One week ago, I made this post https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/30360/i-want-my-money-back#latest

One week later, I'm still in the same situation (or even worse)

The situation is as follows: I had reserved the CS DD+ since November, and we are all aware of the situation regarding those orders. When it finally seemed like they were being sent out, they released the DD Extreme, which I personally prefer. However, I couldn't cancel due to logistical issues on their end, and they recommended that I reject the packages when they arrived at my house, so that the refund of my money would be automatic

So, today marks three weeks since a Fanatec employee picked up the packages I rejected in Germany, and I still haven't received my money. Before rejecting them, I maintained contact with Fanatec support (I want to make it clear that they were the ones who recommended rejecting the packages). In the previous post, I shared one of the emails they sent me, where they said that if I wanted to reject the packages, they would note it to expedite the process

Three weeks since they have the packages again, a month since they sent them from their warehouses. I opened 5 more tickets in this last month to get more information about this situation, out of the 5 I only got a response in one of them two days ago where they said they would send a notification to the warehouses and I didn't get any further responses. Please Fanatec, return my money, I'm so foolish that I want it back to spend it on you again. I feel like I'm being pushed to legally report this situation. It's too long for a refund and what remains...


  • “with three additional tickets opened, plus the main ticket” “I opened 5 more tickets in this last month to get more information about this situation”

    that ist your answer why you have to wait because each ticket must processed. Because every thousands of tickets are opened for the third or fourth time, everyone has to wait longer for processing.

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