Processing failure notice

Hi Guys,

I know a lot of us have been struggling to get orders from Fanatec.

After placing orders for the QR2's this month I think this is worth mentioning. Not sure how it will help, but maybe the knowledge will make Fanatec look into it and maybe it will help people with their frustration.

Basically I placed 2 orders for QR2's on the 5th March while they were out of stock with an ETA of April. Then a few days later I noticed that they were back in stock early. Great, so I ordered some more on the 8th March.

Now the order from the 8th was passed to the warehouse on about the 12th and has now shipped. But the 2 orders from the 5th (exactly the same order's) are still not even passed to the warehouse.

To test it further, I placed another order for the same on the 12th March, this went to passed to warehouse on the 13th - all good, but the ones from the 5th still remain un-processed.

The result of this tells me that PRE ORDERS are not processed in order of goods being available and are basically ignored while new orders are processed. No wonder so many people are upset.

Just in case anyone from Fanatec actually reads this, here are the order numbers.

12 Mar 2024 10:54:00 1936232 Handover to warehouse

8 Mar 2024 21:05:00 1933998  Handover to warehouse

5 Mar 2024 18:01:00 1931645  The order is in process

5 Mar 2024 18:00:00 1931643 The order is in process

I stress these orders are all exactly the same.



  • They have said they've had system errors.... you've probably found it haha !! 👍️

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