Driver update network connection necessary?

I read that you should deactivate virus protection for a driver update. If driver 457 arrives next week and I download and unzip this file, will I need an Internet connection to install the update on my hardware or can I turn off my WiFi during the driver installation for security reasons since the virus protection is deactivated ?

Greetings from Essen (Germany)



  • There is absolutely no need to disable your AV.

    However if you prefer to do so, it's no problem to install the driver without an internet connection after you downloaded it (with internet connection of course).

  • Thank you for the info

  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    HI Maurice, also a question related to driver update best practices.

    When updating Firmware on devices, is it advisable to go from any older driver FW to the latest driver FW?

    For example, go from driver 447 & its associated FW to the latest driver 455 & its FW,

    OR is recommendation is to incrementally update driver & FW, i.e. 447 > 450 > 451, etc.


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