Useless equipment for a month, just need QR2 adapter.

I know there's plenty of complaints on here but I'm running out of ideas on how to get this resolved.

I ordered the Black Friday deal, and I was so excited to get the equipment, only to be disappointed with the wrong DD1 wheelbase. This has a legacy drive adapter when my order clearly has a QR2 wheelbase listed.

I've filed multiple tickets, with the latest being directly associated with the wheelbase. There has been no response. Could you please send me the QR2 adapter so I can use this equipment? Right now it is just collecting dust. Mistakes happen, I get it, but this should not be a difficult support request to fulfill.

This is under Support Request 354630 CRM:000000700518030

Thank You.


  • “Multiple tickets” make the process slower for everyone, not faster.

  • buy the QR2 and Spline adapter then, its not free and you need to add it at checkout !!

  • I understand the adapters aren't free. The problem is I purchased the DD1 wheel base with the QR2 adapter preinstalled. I received the wrong wheelbase with the legacy adapter instead.

  • ohh I miss read that sorry...maybe it was shipped and got lost as a separate parcel ? a few have had part orders delivered with missing boxes !?

    hope you get sorted out asap ..

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