Order 1916284

After seeing another post where the customer saw progress on their order after making a post about it, I figured I'd do the same....

I placed this order (1916284) on 2/9/2024. Its status was updated to "Handover to Warehouse" on 2/12/2024. My order has not been updated with tracking numbers, nor have I received anything.

I have seen several posts (on this forum and on the Fanatec reddit) where other customers in the U.S. have received the same items in my order, so it doesn't appear to be due to "out of stock" items. I've sent several customer support requests asking for an update and only received an automated reply that comically reiterates their 4-7 day handling time policy.

@Fanatec - Please either ship my order or provide me with a reason as to why it's delayed and when I should expect it.


  • Also worth noting... I placed this order after cancelling a previous order placed on 1/12/2024. That order was apparently delayed due to the QR1 Lite being "out of stock" (even though it was showing as "in stock" when I placed the order). So at the recommendation of James on the Fanatec reddit, I submitted a request to cancel that order in order and to place a new order with the QR1 upgrade.

    After doing that, then waiting a week with no cancellation or refund, I submitted a chargeback request to my CC. Once I received the chargeback credit, I rolled the dice and placed the second order (stupid me, I know). So in total, it's been 2+ months of dealing with this and WAY too much time spent checking order statuses, reading forums, writing emails, etc.

  • Bumping this thread. Will do this once a day until I get an answer. Sorry to the regular forum readers that have to see this every day. I figure this is better than sending continuous emails to support and backing them up further.

  • Bumping this thread. Will do this once a day until I get an answer.

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