Why is Japan being treated unfairly?

When I was ready to order the products I wanted today, I found that the prices of all the products in Japan have increased by a lot! But when I compared it with the United States, Australia, and Europe, I found that only Japan has increased its price! At the same time, there is no separate base for DD + in Japan, and there is no DD + formula set for sale! This is very unfair! As a well-known simulation car peripherals company, such an operation is simply unbelievable! I seriously doubt that Fan atec is carrying out race discrimination! The price increase is very much! This is very unreasonable!


  • I am wondering if it has to deal with the current exchange rate of the yen to the other currencies. I'm thinking that could be it but you never know with Fanatec. I haven't seen the exchange rate so high from Dollar to Yen in a very long time.

  • 1295,17 eurs , its even cheaper at there than in eu, i miss something?

  • But in the absence of public announcements or other forms of notification, at least the price of more than 30%! I think it's unreasonable. The DD + and F1 packages were on the market for about 5 hours before they were removed. I really don't understand their operation. 😓 II even think I'm a better CEO than they are.

  • I got caught out by this price increase as well.

    I had quite a large order sat in my shopping cart for several weeks, waiting to see if/when/how Fanatec finally get their ongoing shipping, logistics, customer support, driver issues etc. sorted. Came back today and the total price of my cart had increased by about 25%. The biggest single item increase was 45%!

    Totally understand that Fanatec did this to bring JP pricing in line with EU/US at the current exchange rate. The ongoing JPY weakness had made the prices in Japan (which were set at several years old exchange rate when products came to market) seem much lower than EU/US at the current exchange rate. However, an overnight massive price hike across all products like this, without any announcement or notice seems a really poor way to do that.

    Oh well, it has made my decision to not buy from Fanatec much easier! 🤣

  • I have sold all my Fanatec equipments,and next step maybe I will go to Moza,they have higher cost performance,all wheels have back lights,F1 wheel with lcd screen,truck wheel,same 12NM base but cheeper...fortunately I just use PC platfom

  • Bob Tanaka not sure if this is the same thing but the other night i wanted to create a basket... after all the stuff was in i swapped a few things about the looked again at the total and was all more expensive than the night before.. ! I checked my login and I wasn't logged in, logged in and it was all cheaper again so empty the cart and login and start filling it up... could be that ? as its not gone up over night its been the same price for a while now 👍️

  • L madden, thanks for your message and for sharing this idea. Unfortunately not the same issue. Not sure if you are referring to Japan store or other region? Japan had overnight price hike. Logged in or out, cleared cookies and cache, didn't make any difference - all product pages pricing updated and when added in cart.

    Eg. ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 was ¥28,900 then next day increased to ¥41,700 (44% increase overnight). I think old price was set on exchange rate when product release, new price at current exchange rate. New price matches current exchange rate for items on EU store, so understand why Fanatec changed, but problem is just because JPY is weak, we get paid in yen have less disposable income, not more 😂

  • Bob Tanaka Ahh, Sorry to hear that !! I wasn't aware of the Yen issue and was thinking it was EU region Sorry.

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