Has anyone received their package here in the United States? My God a month and I get no help at all . I'm very upset with codes @fanatec


  • Bad news for you Alan. I ordered the GT DD Pro back on February 9th (Order# 1916XXX) and the website clearly showed it was in stock with a 4-7 processing time. After messaging them back and forth this week and them assuring me that my product would ship soon, I received an email last night from Fanatec saying the GT DD Pro is out of stock and they have no clue when it will be in stock. I cancelled by order this morning. I'm tired of dealing with this dirty company.

  • I messed up and placed an order for the gt dd pro a couple days ago and after reading into the forums and ALREADY having issues of lack of communications and my Fanatec account telling me basically nothing. If it takes weeks or months to get to me then I’m sure I won’t get any technical support if needed.

  • I orderd a gt dd pro on Feb 7th... I've tried contacting fanatec and I've only gotten auto reply emails saying they stuff ships in 2-7 days mine is already sent to warehouse wo I can't cancel and 90% sure it's too late to charge back

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