Firmware Updates

Is it such a big deal if I don't do firmware updates?

I am not one for updating every driver available as soon as a new version is available (are you listening nVidia!?) and my Fanatec gear is all working perfectly. Am I going to be missing out leaving everything as is?



  • Don't update drivers and Firmware recklessly:

    1) If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it.

    2) Wait a while to see how many others have issues with the new driver / Firmware before you give it a go.

    3) If it fixes an issue your having with a specific piece of hardware then do it.

    4) You need the extra functionality to work with other software such as a later version of Fanalab with new features then do it.

    5) If none of 1 - 4 apply enjoy your working system as it is.

  • Not to mention the current state of Fanatec support and repair. If something goes wrong, you could be SOL for months.

  • In the current state, then yeah probably need to update drivers to 456 when out of beta. Depends on your wheelbase and wheels. And if you just keep an eye on the current beta drivers then you can see if any of your gear might have a bug etc or will gain improved performance with said update.

    as long as you follow the good method for updating firmware it’s really not so bad.

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