GT DD Pro - broken RJ pedal port on base, any workaround on console?

Like many others the RJ pedal port has stopped working on this base. USB port can be used on pedals with PC but is there any way to have the pedals work on console? Can one of the other ports on the base be remapped to pedals? Can the USB adapter been used? Fanatec support is non responsive and this seems to be a common issue, if repair is the only option how costly and lengthy is that? Wish they supported their products a lot better.


  • L MaddenL Madden Member
    edited March 21

    when you say broken, what do you mean? like physically come off, been dragged out by your foot or just stopped working one day ? have you tried a firmware update on a PC/Laptop? check that out first. if you mean the tab has broken of the end of the plkug than use a Pin to hold it in!

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