What does ‘handover to warehouse’ mean and what are they doing?

Somebody please tell me that the US warehouse has their act together. I’ve placed an order recently and it just says handover to warehouse and that’s it. No tracking, no answers emails. I’m honestly thinking of canceling the order but at this point I’m not sure I could even do it in a timely manner


  • dunno what it means, my products are marked as "handover to warehouse" as well but i have them already. so i guess i'm the warehouse

  • Sorry dude. A lot of us have had our orders in this status for months with no replies. Some people get lucky and their order ships after a few days. I can't honestly say what your chances of being one of the lucky ones actually are. The people that don't have problems typically don't come here to post about their positive experiences, so it's hard to tell how common/frequent the problems truly are.

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    some people in past not also get tracking number. and suddenly devilry was behind door

    so its really hard to tell what it means exactly

  • I never get a tracking number. I just take the order number, and track it on FedEx by reference number.

  • What exactly is the reference number? I don’t see that anywhere.

  • "Handover to warehouse" is the final order status.

    Fanatec changed it to this from "Completely shipped" because when Fanatec said it was "Completely shipped" this only meant that they'd handed the order over to their warehousing partner, not that it had actually been shipped necessarily so it was causing confusion, and of course now this new order status causes a different kind of confusion.

    As others have said oftentimes the tracking information isn't shown in the order even when the goods have arrived at your doorstep, your order number can be used as a reference number in some of the parcel tracking services depending on your region and delivery provider.

    I imagine you'll see your goods before ever receiving a response from customer support. I've been waiting for a month for a response from customer support about an order that is still stuck "in process" so you're further along than I am.

  • The best way of looking at is "Everything you ordered is in the warehouse, so we may ship it to you sometime in the future." Once you reach this status, at least in the US the best option is to track shipment status with an account at Fedex. It is highly likely that there will be no further updates from Fanatec.

    If you have not reached this status it means, "We have not processed your order, we will not ship you anything".

    If you have 'In Process' with a red checkmark it means "We will not ship you anything, some time in the next few weeks we are going to cancel your order". Some time after that you may get your money back.

  • Well after a few weeks I did the whole reference number thing and it popped up on fedex but it just says that the label was created and that’s it. Says it was printed in Texas and remains there. Label was created the day of the order though, so I don’t know. This is my first experience with fanatec and I’m already fed up. Also says the package only weighs 5.5 lbs and that worries me because the entire order should be much more than that. At this point I almost just want my money back but that could take a year at this pace.

  • Does this work different for EU, I just checked mine and it's listed as being delivered by "UPS Standard", but when I put the reference number in it says it's already delivered today (it hasn't).

    I'm getting anxious after reading this thread

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