Order delayed and delayed? Will I even get it?

I ordered a GT DD Pro 8nm on Feb 7th, it was in stock, my order was handed to warehouse the same day and seince then I haven't gotten it, it's been in and out of stock on the website and idk what to do anymore.

Tempted to try and charge back but I don't know if I'll be able too because I used my debit card and it's been over a month

I've orderd other stuff from them too, a hand brake on Feb 6th thag was on pre-order, I just got that the other day and 2 other orderd I just placed with a shifter and qr2 are shipped

So I just don't know what to do mosty because it's been in and out of stock and it said when i order 2-7 day shipping so I'm assuming other people are getting theirs?? And mine just got lost??


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    how it can be lost if they not even give tracking number yet? or they give that?

    feels like majority people in forum are Kids

  • I got same pack on march 8 and Its expected to be delivered tomorrow. I don’t no why customers depend on luck to get their orders

  • i not sure its luck or not, or maybe it just happened that they run out them at time when user buy, but they customer support is shit as hell because usually if something like this happens they needed inform the customers

  • All I know is it was sent to warehouse on the Feb 7th and absolutely no updates since and my only contact has been auto reply emails, I've orderd other stuff shifter and what not on separate orders and I've gotten tacking both from emails from fanatec and FedEx

  • you not know that really if they send or not to warehouse also you are not first one who tells that they order was marked "handed to warehouse"

    by default fanatec should give user the tracking number, then user knows that it was send out

  • I ordered a CSL Dd on the 29th August 2023 and I still haven't received it after 202 days.

    I wouldn't hold your breathe.

    Customer services were helpful for a bit. They've now not replied to my last 3 enquiries since early February.

    I'm guessing they are just hoping I go away and they get a free bit of money.

  • If you've had your shipping number then hang on for it, if not had a number raised for your item, Just cancel and reorder with QR2 + SPLINE and you will have it within 14 days...it seems obvious to me that the QR1 stuff is the hold up as it wont be coming back in stock because its been superseded with a newer better system, think about it, why would it...? I cant see those old orders being replaced free with 2x pieces of new items coasting over 100 Euro ? unless you ask for it to be added on to orders paid for ? usually all monies taken is held in waiting until shipping confirmation has gone through.

    People waiting for 2 - 3 months for orders and have not canceled them by now, and keep complaining "when its obvious what they need to do", is stupid to me... they will lose the deal price as Fanatec has already said they didn't have the stock to do it with, shit I know but that's how it is, and that'll be how it stays. Cancel and reorder and stop fkn moaning about it, take control over the situation and charge back or Direct debit claw back with your banks.!! They all probably had info on qr1 lite and products not in stock wont be shipped if incomplete and ignored it or didn't notice it but done it anyway. My mate didn't notice it till he checked on his status 2 days or so later he said I'm not waiting months like others have already, SO he canceled it and reordered and it turned up 14 days later and was refunded before it turned up.

    That was the end of Feb...so try that

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