Il mio volante Mclaren GT£ v2 non funziona piu

Durante un aggiornamento dei driver, ha smesso di funzionare.

Ho provato a fare il ripristino, ma arriva a fine procedura e poi la ricomincia da capo.

Cosa devo fare per farlo ripartire?


  • Please post in En glish according to the forum rules so everyone understands and can help you.

  • During a driver update, it stopped working.
    I tried to do the restore, but it reaches the end of the procedure and then starts it all over again.
    What do I have to do to get it started again?

  • Which base, which firmware of the base?

    Its a known firmware issue of the firmware included in driver 456 that the Steering Wheel FW is reported as v0 and so it ends up in an endless update loop.

    Just ignore it.

  • Today I received the support email, which solved the problem for me.
    the inconvenience was caused by the USB-C connector on the base behind the steering wheel, which had become slightly disconnected.
    I repeat what was written in the email:

    In order to cross out an issue on the hardware side, we recommend performing the following:

    1. Detach the QR Base side of the wheel base and then re-assemble it. Once the QR is re-attached, please make sure to securely tighten the clamp.

    We recommend using a torque wrench to tighten the screw to the factory applied 15 NM (newton meters). In case you don't have a torque wrench on hand, please check the attached photo illustrating how the clamp should look after being properly tightened.

    By following the link below, you will find a video illustrating how to perform the process:


    2. Inspect the screws located in and around the connection pins of the steering wheel, and make sure all of the screws are hand-tightened.

    To do so, you will need two Allen keys: A 3 mm, and a 2 mm for the center screw. On the attached photo you will be able to see the screws in question, along with the maximum torque that should be applied to the screws.

    3. Check for any pending Windows Updates. These should also be performed if available.

    4. Make sure to have connected your wheel base directly to a Windows PC via a USB connection cable. Do not use a USB hub or a USB extension cable, in order to prevent any issues. We always recommend plugging the device directly to one of the USB ports located on your PC's motherboard!

    5. Make sure to have any antivirus program(s) disabled before installing the latest FANATEC Driver Package.

    6. You can install the latest FANATEC Driver Package by following the link below:


    7. Open the Firmware Update Manager by clicking on the update tab in the FANATEC Control Panel, and perform all of the available firmware updates.

    8. Once you have performed the steps listed above, open the FANATEC Control Panel, and verify the proper functionality of your device(s). We also suggest double-checking in game.

    If the problem persists, please provide us with a video illustrating the issue if possible, and we will be able to assist you further.

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