After waiting for four months, I finally received DD+,Does dd+ not support gt7?

After waiting for four months, I finally received DD+, but when I connected it to my PS5 and opened GT7, I found that DD+ didn't respond at all. Does DD+ not support PS5 GT7?


  • Did you update the firmware/driver?

  • I updated the firmware, but it's still the same. The Paddle isn't recognized, and there's no response when I step on the gas pedal.

    Wheel Base

    USB pedal 1.6

  • Pedals need to be connected to wheel base directly

  • The pedals have two cables, one is a USB cable, and the other is an Ethernet cable. I connected the Ethernet cable to the base and the USB cable to the PS5. is that ok?

  • The problem is solved. I unplugged the USB of the pedal from the PS5 and then restarted the PS5, and it worked.

    Thanks guys.

  • The usb cable only needs to be connected to the pc for an independent update. It must never be connected to the base station. That's just what it's for. 

  • the instructions clearly say not to plug them both in, you will brick the unit

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