Help!The CSL elite pedals V2 is connected to the PS5, but GT7 and Assetto Corsa did not recognize it

My setup is as follows:

Base: DD+

Wheel: CSL Steering wheel P1 V2

Pedals: CSL Elite Pedals V2

I tested both GT7 and Assetto Corsa Competizione, and neither recognized the pedals.


  • The pedals need to be connected to the Base and not to the PS5!

  • pedals has two cables , one for base , another one is a USB cable , is that for PS5 ? because I used this setup for PC without problem.

  • No. When you are in console then ONLY connect the pedals via the RJ12 cable to the base and do NOT use the USB cable. When you connect both cables at the same time then the pedal PCBA can be damaged.

  • The problem is solved. I unplugged the USB of the pedal from the PS5 and then restarted the PS5, and it worked.

    Thanks guys.

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