Fanatec delivery time

Hi, how long does delivery within the EU take approximately if the goods are in stock. And according to the fan, it should be delivered within 4-7 days? Are the problems with the warehouse as written in the faq related to this or will it happen within the 7 days? Any experience? Well thank you


  • well, last year they ship like next day? but now dunno

  • Some people get there orders in a week or less. Some are going on months with absolutely nothing (not even a response from Fanatec).

    You may as well get one of those magic 8-ball things and ask it.

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    thank you, if I know anything new about my order I will definitely let you know

  • Ordered on Friday and got it next week on Thursday

  • In the US it says, "Ships within 4-7 days". That is false: 1934xxx.

    At the time the order was placed the following is true:

    V 2.5x - Ships within 4-7 days

    QR1 - Ships within 4-7 days

    QR2 - Ships within 4-7 days

    I think that I will write a letter to the Texas Attorney Generals office and see if they condone False Advertising. Dorothy [Fanatec] is no longer in the land of OZ [California].

  • I have the GT DD Pro 8 in my cart and was ready to order, but I'm really hesitating due to the amount of post of people waiting weeks and months for their order ... Is there anyone from EU that ordered the GT DD Pro recently and could share the experience on the delivery time ?

  • I order ready2race bmw on sunday 17.3 and now i can track as refernce on UPS my order. I hope come to me this week.

  • I'm in Gibraltar, not in the EU. I dropped an order with Fanatec on March 3. They were quick to pack and ship, but then there was a snag with the paperwork somewhere down the line. Whatever delivery hiccups happened before might be sorted now. But from my experience and what I'm seeing in the comments, they need to step up their customer service game.

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