Order 1838405 seems to be send out soon

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that I received an e-mail from Fanatec's service department this morning.

It seems that my order is currently being packed and then dispatched.

Perhaps it will help some of you to assess your own orders.


  • Did you order the V2,5x?

  • Yepp, V2.5 + QR + Button Caps/Sticker...order in Nov 23

  • Sami KeskinenSami Keskinen Member
    edited March 20

    Good to hear, I got also message from fanascam LAST WEEK (monday 11th march) that my order 1849746 (800€+) was "handover to warehouse". Nothing has happend since. No email, no tracking code, nothing. One of the item was 2.5X and original order date 25 nov 2023. I wonder who is this new logistic partner that sending few packages will take over a week. I also have another order in (1917092, 2600€) that includes podium hub. Available date has changed at least once. I dont hold breathe with waiting these. Bad company. Hoping new manufactures to show up that works with ps5.

  • "Handover to warehouse" has been in my order status since Nov 2023.

    So you can't rely on that.

    The only reliable information is if the tracking no. has been noted in the order status - then you can be sure that something will happen.

    I don't really care whether the wheel arrives today, tomorrow or next week.

    I am so disappointed with Fanatec that I have sold my equipment to a friend (who will also take the V2.5).

    I've switched completely to Asetek and VRS.

  • When your order status changed "handover to warehouse", did you get purchase dates to your products page? And what it says for Warranty expires date? I dont accept purchase date March 11 2024 / Warranty expire March 12 2026 in my case if i dont get my products in my hands.

  • Sure, I also have the date from November in it, that had already bothered me in November/December.

    But I read about someone here who has been trying to contact Fanatec for months - but without success.

    I think we can summarise Fanatec in a nutshell - if the products are available, are delivered and the quality is OK - then Fanatec is top.

    But if just one little thing doesn't work regularly, OMG...

    That's not enough for a SimRacing equipment manufacturer...

    I need a manufacturer that I know I can turn to in the event of a defect or other concern and get a prompt answer/solution.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case with Fanatec!!!

  • I agree.

    The first order i did, CSL elite, years ago, that was okay. But next order CSL DD pro, i pre order it with express delivery, and when finally got it, it had to be sent back. Didnt work (missing firmware).

    Last year Podium F1, same story. Had to return it because not working properly. In both cases causes over month delay. This is order included Porsche rim with podium hub and EBM what is not working properly anymore. Thinking to sent it back under warranty, but propably dont do it because lack in customer service in Fana*.

    I have 2 orders still in.. CDL DD and Exteme with plenty of extras. Over 3400 euros.. Ever seen this bad customer service in any business...

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