Is there Fanatec service at all???


My DD+ base stopped working 10 days ago and I opened a ticket. Still have no response to it.. Sad that it also happened in a tournament and it`s over for me now..

Also I read that after shipping to Fanatec it`s also weeks till response.. and weeks till fixed/new base are sent to owners. Is it ok service? Is it even legal not to response, repair things in time of warranty?

You can`t sell product if You can`t be responsible for Your clients..

And we spend a lot of hard earned cash to buy things...

Hope to get a solution soon.. (at least it does not take long to send out return shipping label for customer)

Or all your products are currently defective???


  • It looks like many of us are hitting the same bumps with shipping, and getting quick help from Fanatec is becoming a big deal. I had to open a ticket because my package got bounced back to the sender over some paperwork mix-up. I'm still waiting for any word back from them. However, UPS says the package made it to Fanatec's warehouse this morning.

    In your case, I share your frustration over a DD+ base given out just ten days ago, with no response to your ticket. It's even more disheartening to hear it happened right in the middle of a tournament. 

    We're all in the same boat here, so let's hope for a quick resolution!

  • Support is terrible.

    My brand new McLaren GT3 does not work with Xbox. I opened a service ticket. They need two weeks to send the first mail what was "try the beta driver" I answered: the beta did not solve my problem. After that no answer. I bought it one moth ago but my ready2race set absolutely unusable. :( 480€ electronic garbage.

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