RMA woes.

Im at a loss with regards of what to do. 

This saga goes back to November 2023. 

On 31/10/23 i ordered GT DD PRO with the CSL load cell upgrade. 

Arrived 16/11/23, fantastic. 

By the 20/11/23, the load cell was displaying strange behaviour, increasing phantom load and twitching. 

I tried a few simple grounding solutions as I’m 2360 E.I and lvl 3 electronics qualified, however with it being a new product I wasn’t going to do anything more than add an external ground. 

I contacted fanatec support on the 24/11/23 with my issue and some video’s to show what the issue was and detailed what i had tried to remedy. 

They accepted this and opened an RMA. 

Naturally i still had some troubleshooting back and forth emails from 24/11/23 - 18/12/23

At which point they said they needed to take a look at them. 

To which I replied, no problem, I understand their issues with BF deals and it being so close to xmas/NY why don’t we leave it till after xmas. 

They said no problems and thank you. 

3/1/24 comes around, i reach out to arrange collections (5/1/24) i also inform them the stock CSL pedals work spot on, no issue whatsoever, so i ASKED do you want the pedal set, or just the LC pedal. 

Just the Loadcell pedal is fine they confirm. 

Unfortunately, this is where the situation takes a turn. 

I send the pedal off via courier (provided by fanatec) 5/1/24. 

8 days pass, no word,

So I reached out. 

They now inform me, 5 days after i sent the email, they can’t find the issue with the loadcell, they now need my pedals, i must send the pedals at my expense to be looked at. 

The short version of my reply is


Im not going without my entire pedal set for an undisclosed amount of time and set out my right as a consumer. 

I basically said, either send me a full replacement set of pedals, or, refund me for the LC pedal which they already have in their possession. 

They said no to both, that refunds are only permitted in 14 days of purchase, i must now either pay to send my pedals off OR pay to get my LC back!

I replied saying both are unacceptable, i outlined my consumer rights, highlighted that the initial fault occurred with 14 days of receiving the pedal, and as such am entitled to a refund. 

They eventually replied 7 days later, ok and asked if i wanted a refund on the whole lot?! 🤷‍♂️

I replied saying no, i made a point of highlighting how happy i was with the quality of my product overall, 

And that i would be happy for a ‘store credit’ type refund and at a later date i would upgrade to the V2 elites, but for now the stock CSL’s are pretty good. 

That, was 7 weeks ago, I haven’t heard a thing, or received a refund of any sort. 

In that time I’ve sent 3 emails just asking for an update with no reply. 

What the heck am I meant to do? 

Im €140 out of pocket and don’t even have the LC in my possession!



  • JdogJdog Member
    edited March 25

    Sorry to hear your experience Rick, yet another in the ever growing list of people with Fanatec issues.

    Ive had a similar issue with RMA that I’ve outlined in another post.

    Out of interest where are you based?

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