Repair and RMA issues

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Sounds like I’m just another in the ever growing list of people with Fanatec issues but thought I’d raise this on here to warn others needing warranty work or thinking about returning faulty goods.

Fanatec delivered me a faulty product in January (CSL DD with excessive play in the shaft that even the “tape fix” didn’t little to nothing to help it’s that bad, in fact so bad is the tolerances on my DD shaft that the bolt hole in the shaft is about 40% covered when trying to line up for the securing bolt which I was planning to use to remove some play) I had the product for 10 days but it was so bad I had to raise a ticket to send it in and that took weeks even months for Fanatec to agree I could send it in and when I did they just gave me a partial refund and as yet have given me absolutely no reason or correspondence as to why they’ve done this.

I’m UK based so it’s in GBP but here’s a break down of the costs…CSL bundle cost £419.46 and £96.28 in import fees for a total cost of £515.74 yet Fanatec have refunded only £332.41 so 10 days of a faulty Fanatec product has cost me £183.33 and despite multiple emails to Fanatec I’ve heard nothing. I am simply flabbergasted at just have bad and corrupt Fanatec have become.

I've given them until Friday to respond else I’m taking them to a small claims court. I think the more people who take legal action against them the better.

We’ve all heard the empty apologies and how they’re recruiting more staff yet no one has seen a better experience, I’d say it’s actually getting worse! I used to get a response after two weeks but I dont even get that now.

Be warned fellow sim racers!


  • Damn, I’ve read about so many bad experiences but still I ordered stuff for about 2k€ the other day.

    If the gear gets delivered im gonna record when opening the sealed box and checking that I got every part and do my own QC which Fanatec seems to fail at.

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