USA Delivery Excellent.

I know I will probably get a number of member disagreeing with me on this but I have only had excellent delivery service from Fanatec.

Despite reading all the reviews on here I held my breath and decided to order some equipment from them to replace my current set up. I ordered the club sport F1 pack with DD+ base and F1 wheel, V3 pedals, podium advance paddle module, button caps and brake performance kit. I ordered on March 12th this year, they were passed to warehouse on 12th and shipped on the 13th. I received, through FedEx, on the 18th. Everything arrived in perfect condition and everything works. The only issue I have is the wheel vibration motors do not appear to be working, even in test mode. I’m not that bothered.

On 21st March I decided to order the V3 pedal damper kit for my throttle. It was passed to warehouse and shipped on the 21st and I received today, the 25th March.

I know Fanatec get a lot of bad press on here but my experience so far, both with delivery and product quality has been excellent. Hopefully everyone will start enjoying the same.

Well done Fanatec !!!!


  • I ordered the 5th of this month it said the steering wheel would be there the 22nd but it changed to the 13th and the base is supposed to be there the 27th i hope it gets shipped out then this is my first fanatec order hope there isnt any delays

  • Robert Morley

    its because they Black Friday orders starts finally slowly fully delivered. allot who waited not agree with you tho

  • they changed it to april 30th this morning

    ill be cancelling my order today and going with moza

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