My money was taken but an order was never created. It’s been 4 months. HELP

On Black Friday I ordered the following:

Clubsport shifter SQ 1.5 bundle (include USB Adapter)

Clubsport Handbrake 1.5

CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD Upgrade Kit (Boost Kit, Load Cell Pedal Kit, CSL Pedals Tuning Kit)

The deal was great, so I proceeded to checkout as fast as I could to jump on it. However, once I finalized my order, the website timed out, possibly due to the traffic. I was booted back to my cart which still had all the items. I almost tried to checkout again but I decided to double check my PayPal and Bank Account first. Sure enough, there has been a charge, but my Fanatec account shows no order being created.

My next course of action was to contact support and heard back 1 month later on December 20th in the form of this e-mail.


“Hello Shawn,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We're sorry to hear about this issue and can gladly create the order for you in this case.

Please let us know which items you have tried to order - a screenshot of the shopping cart would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


(Fanatec Fulfillment Team)”

I was very happy about this and props to Sara, so I immediately replied explaining that I do not have a screenshot from the day of but I told her the items I ordered exactly as the list above.

Since my reply to the e-mail on December 20th, I have never received a follow-up. I’ve sent many e-mails requesting a follow-up in the last month but no one has replied to me.

I honestly just want my product. PayPal has until May 23rd for me to request a refund. If there’s a chance I can get an order created and get the products shipped out (even if would take a long time) I would be very happy, but the lack of communication has made me feel very in the dark and like I actually got scammed, even though I had a positive experience getting my basic DD kit 2 years ago. If I can’t get an order created or any meaningful contact by after mid-April then I will be filing for a refund.

Please let me know what I can do. @James

Ps. In my initial e-mail I've also added my PayPal IDs for reference.


  • dude. you need claim refund. if you order never was created and you pay already. i not sure why you even wait that long

  • Hi there, I pay for a new CS and a new QR 1040€ the 12 - 02 - 24, my money was taken from my bank the same day, I have nothing on my fanatec account "my orders" and no email confirmation egther, please sombody help me

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