Removal of CEO Thomas Jackermeier

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What exactly does this mean for the future of Endor AG? Is things going uphill now?


  • That a new management team should be put in place to turn around the company's accumulated problems. But let's not forget all the good things he's done, and now it's time for the new guys to take over and steer the company towards new horizons.

  • This has been a long time coming.

    The timing of the announcement would suggest that TJ did not go easy! I'm guessing the lending banks made replacement of CEO a non negotiable term of any further lending extensions.

    Hard on TJ but it's the right thing for the company - innovating in a small company selling a few products in a small company requires a very different skillset from steering a much bigger company through rapid expansion.

    Hopefully he can accept that and that Endor can parachute someone with the necessary experience into TJ's still warm seat. I'd hope TJ sticks around though, marketing and innovation with a suitably grandiose job title would be a good fit for him.

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