Dear Fanatec/Endor AG

Dear Fanatec,

As many of us have suspected, it's clear the former CEO has mismanaged the companies finances and negotiated in bad faith with companies such as Sony, and your multiple suppliers!

Here's the good news! Fanatec and Sim racing in general attract people in the top 10%-20% of the global population.

This means those in the Sim racing Fanatec community could potentially help support Endor Ag as they work their way thru restructuring their business model!

The thing is, you must ask for help from the community in order for the community to help! You have taken the first step! Now it's time for the new CEO to step up and ask the community to stand with Fanatec in any way possible! This means continuing to purchase products and potentially investing in the company! Maybe it's time to offer more shares

I for one have faith in the products and their design and have been a loyal Fanatec customer since getting into Sim racing! Who i didn't have faith in was Thomas as it was clear he was unable to set aside his ego and be financially responsible.

I hope to hear of a community outreach program asking for the Sim racing community, it's many affiliate creators along with Fanatec's many users to stand with and behind the company as a whole!

Best of luck in your search for a new more qualified CEO! I have confidence in the Fanatec brand to survive this and thrive one again.


  • Hello Todd,

    I believe the problem now is not just a financial hiccup, although I'm not entirely sure if that's the case. There's a bigger issue at play now—they make money by selling products to customers. The question is: do customers still trust this company? It's clear that they've been facing problems throughout the order chain for months, but now the problem has escalated. They need to be transparent, to communicate clearly about the issues they're facing, if they want customers to trust them. Personally, I've already started looking at other brands just in case...

  • Hello everyone

    just like jaime says!

    it is a matter of trust.

    I'm sure that 90% of the customers would have understood the situation if only they had dealt with openly, honestly and transparently!

    But no, they have crawled into their mouse hole and stopped all communication! Then they give some information that didn't apply and that was it!

    I for my opinion might be willing to give them another chance!

    But however, first I want my ordered goods and then Fanatec has to come up with something about how they want to regain the trust of the customers they have trampled on them.

    Thomas dismissed but still actively involved in the company?

    Well that sounds more like, the main thing is that the banks keep their feet still and we can try to get our heads out of the loop for another 3 months!

    @Fanatec if you are reading this!

    make the first step into the right direction and and send next week all orders your customers are waiting for since BlackFriday and before! If this is not possible let your pants down and say when they will receive there goods!

    stop telling your customers lies! You can’t get out of this situation without them!

    hopefully we all will get our refund or goods as soon as possible!

  • Offer more shares? There's like over 10 million shares available lol

  • hi all good and well but what we all whant to hear is are we getting our products or our money back . waiting for 5 months now .

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