My thoughts on Thomas Jackermeier

I’m grateful for his passion and ability to build this brand and produce some fantastic products over the years.

clearly things couldn’t go on the way they were with many customers experiencing issues with distribution, and after sales customer service, not to mention lack of transparency on multiple other issues, but to say Thomas is now gone for good is slightly naive in my opinion.

I think he’ll still play a major role on the product side of things, which makes sense as that’s one of his major strengths. Leave the operational stuff to someone else to sort, if that’s the case then we can expect this company to go from strength to strength in the coming months and years.

let’s see how this plays out but with Thomas being the major shareholder still, his presence, input, product expertise isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


  • i not sure he is anymore the shareholder.

    because stock is been drop to very low price, im assuming that price is now the investors self money what is left over

  • He still owns 50% of the company

  • could be, its really hard understand what is happening atm at there

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    if talk about issues like RMA and other small ones, its not good idea point finger directly to Thomas Jackermeier because its the workers who hired need todo the work. i think only problem is Thomas Jackermeier not see where issue is and that is where its not good be anymore as ceo

    im assuming when new CEO steps in, there will be workers firing as well unless if that already happening

    lets face it. how you make profit if you constantly need todo RMA but that issue not comes from Thomas

  • A new CEO will not arrive. The real news that no one here wants to read or comment on is that a bank-imposed CRO is coming.

    Now the question is, what the heck is a CRO?

    Well, I don't know German law, but in my country, it's a bad thing.

  • 10% change bankrupt, but im not sure about this because Fanatec self have big name. and they can recover themself if they want

  • However, it is by no means certain that this succession was amicable. Between the lines there is talk of missed payments to suppliers, and that the decision was imposed on the company.

    Banks are generally only able to gain control of insolvent companies through the law courts.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    but if that is true, i'm assuming fanatec can sue those company's due to sabotage, if its they fault that some items go lost because off exact that reason.

    how fanatec can pay for them anyway. if customers not even get products?

    if scroll back there was big issue with uk customers. now if that was sabotage because off not pay for suppliers. but stuff like this should handled by inside court not by self.

  • Well, I don't think anyone cares at this stage of customers. Obviously if the new CRO really wants to save the company he will also have to take care of customer satisfaction.

    Here we are talking about insolvency towards suppliers and partners, a lack of personnel and strategies, a serious financial and structural crisis. We all understood and said that Fanatec was thirsty for money from Black Friday onwards. A company doesn't go into administration because it loses a few packages.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    anyway you ask who is CRO, he is that who usually chooses the new CEO and other stuff. depends the situation

  • Frank TschepeFrank Tschepe Member
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    CRO restructure the company and come often from the banks. Finace report of Q1 and 2023 will show the truth.

    My thoughts on TJ is that he is a pioneer in sim racing. all competition copies fanatec. all lot of things come together were the half not in the hand of fanatec. they tried to expanse at the wrong time. only new products can save them and that is the major mistake that he done. he done to much in real motorsport instant of the productline. now they are behind when it comes to wheels in the midrange. bmw m4 gt3 wheel and bentley wheel bind maybe to much resources. The sell more than they could produce but 2023 change that, when Moza and Sim magic are getting stronger. i say only sim magic gt-neo. this wheel leads people to the productline of sm and people start to think. specially when you have expirience with CS DD/DD+ launch and the on going fw issues since months.

  • it used multi task and yes, it used also for bankruptcy if there no other choice.

  • The CRO manages the company in crisis, to avoid bankruptcy. He is a manager appointed by third parties, specialized in the restructuring of insolvent companies (i.e. those that do not pay bank loans, and suppliers, who could then sell unbranded products on eBay to cover their expenses).

    It is the penultimate act before failure.

    The CRO, if he succeeds in restructuring the company within a period of time established by law, will choose the new CEO to return to normal management of the company. Because the CRO is only about saving companies from bankruptcy. But not all companies are saved.

    Then if anyone still doesn't understand the gravity of having a company managed by a CRO instead of a CEO, go ahead. I personally am very worried, I have a lot of Fanatec equipment, and at the moment no assistance if I need it.

  • im not sure it goes that far as here

    is typed that Thomas Jackermeier continues work in Fanatec, i think they need help from CRO for choose new CEO

  • "building that brand"

    Pretty sure that is the problem because building that brand is expensive and the Fanatec name is everywhere in GT motorsport. Should've spent that money on customer service and quality control.

  • Sadly, I think he thought he could live his dream in real Motorsports, and used SIM Racing Revenue of Fanatec to fund it. By the time he realized that wasn’t the right decision, he had already damaged the sim racing part of the company by neglecting it. Poor decision making because sim racing is the company’s bread and butter, and Fanatec could have easily bested all other companies if they tried. I would argue that minority shareholders should have a claim

    against him for breaching is fiduciary duty.

  • Yes agreed with the above. If Thomas had not invested a fortune in making "real" wheels for real racing cars, which nobody can afford, he could have made say an F1 wheel with a screen. That would have sold very well.

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