DD1 + F1 v2.5 - Jolts, random loss of FFB, loss of wheel centre

I have an issue with my DD1, mainly on iRacing but happens on F123 occasionally.

If I hit a large curb the jolt of the curb can set my wheel spinning full speed. It nearly broke my wrist the other day! Another issue that happens for me, if I hit the curb I lose all FFB in the direction the curb was, for example, if the curb was on the right wheels, I'll lose 80% FFB strength when turning right but have normal FFB turning left. Then for the remainder of the race I'll get random full strength spikes in the right direction and sends the car into the wall. The high torque jolts from the curb, or a collision with another car can sometimes make the centre calibration go off aswell. Just a terrible experience...

I'm on the latest drivers, latest fanalab, using Maurices profiles. Still terrible. Tried uninstalling Fanalab and using just the stock firmware, still happens. Tried downgrading firmware 1 or 2 generations, still happens.

I'm disappointed I invested in the Fanatec ecosystem because it just doesn't work, I've sent multiple emails for support and get absolutely nothing back. I'm not getting my hopes up anyone will help me here either.

I hope everyone elses experience has been better than mine!


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