ClubSport v3 brake question

I use the performance kit. And I have installed 2 13mm greens with the small foam. Can I install also 1green with the foam or always 2 rubber ones


  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    Hi Remco, short answer is Yes. Only thing you want to be cautious about is overall height of stacked rubber + foam height.

    Having said that, having Green + Large stock PU foam may not be a good combination. I guess if you really wanted it, you could, but you may be better off using Red + PU if you wanted it.

    I'm pasting here my suggestion on BPK usage, and also found below YouTube on BPK combinations if helpful.

    Search Fanatec forum, type = "Elastomer load suggestion"

    YouTube link, copy this link and paste it in Google

  • Thanks for your answer

    i Now use 1 13m red and 1 13m green. And no foam

    it feels good

  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    Remco, glad to hear it. That combination(Green+Red) makes more sense than Green+Foam.

    If you want more brake travel, you can also Cut either Red or Green (12mm or 13mm) down to similar size as little PU foam. There's couple of you tube videos online if you search for it. If you do decide to cut one of them, make it slightly smaller than little PU foam height.

    I'm using Red13mm Cut + Red13mm + Red12mm. It gives about 2cms of brake travel and meets my soft pedal preference. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tips 😊😊

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