Canada Duties/ Customs Fees ($405.31) on a $1274 (CAD) Order (Incl. $61 Shipping)


First time Fanatec buyer, and probably last. Unlike some of you, I didn't have an issue with ordering/ shipping. I found it to be quick, and smooth - however today I got a notice from Canada Post informing me of a $405.31 CAD duties/ customs fee.

I wouldn't be too concerned if this was the fee for the entire order, as sometimes (yes) they can be a little greedy at the border, and try to get one by. However, the order was for a wheel base, wheel, wheel hub, quick release, pedals, and clutch pedal - and it totaled $1274 CAD.

Fanatec decided to ship the order in 3 separate packages - I have no way of knowing what is in this order until it shows up to my door-step, so I have no way of currently knowing what the manifest is valued at/ how many items are in this parcel.

However, the duties for this order shouldn't exceed $160.00 CAD (entire order) so of course, I am a little nervous about the fact a single package is going to cost me over $400 according to customs.

Did Fanatec write the manifest incorrectly? Is this the borders fault? Is there any way to get help with this? And lastly, if the other items come in, and are too expensive, is there a way to refuse this package and have it refunded?

I really don't want to pay upwards of $400 (for this one parcel) and potentially $800 more for the other 2 and have to sit with a $1200 charge on my credit card until it gets disputed by filing, which can take up to 3 months.


  • Sander DSander D Member

    My god and I was so annoyed for the extra $60 in duties for my pedals 😟

  • Same here, on the box there should be declaration form from fanatec, and Canadian duties/taxes sheet. In my case fanatec declared way bigger value for the items. Haven't heard back from fanatec yet what they will do about it. But if it will take a while just will report fraud to customs.

    Not sure if that's another game they play by inflating some numbers. Not sure how that would help with banks, their main problem. But maybe somehow...

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