Shipment question

How long does it usually take after my order changed to handover to warehouse for it to be sent out


  • Anyone have a p1 v2 wheel they would sell?

  • Anytime between 2 days to Infinity and beyond. Lately if all goes well it is averaging about 1 week if in stock.

  • I ordered my pedals, shifter, and e brake on the 18th of march. Never got a shipping confirmation only that it was turned over to the warehouse. Ordered my gt dd wheel the 20th of march. It showed up the next day. I don’t understand what’s going on at all.

  • i got a email this morning saying FedEx has picked up my order so I hope all the bs is over and it’s on the way wish me luck

  • if you are in the USA go to fedexs website and do a track by reference number which will be your fanatec order number. mine will be here tomorrow by tracking it that way. my fanatec order still says in warehouse with no shipping information

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