Cancel Order refund time


I ordered an R2R bundle, and I am thinking of canceling my order now and reordering because the availability date of the QR1 wheelside is ridiculous. How long can I expect it to take before I get my money back after I cancel the order?


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    In my case, the cancellation was processed on the second (working) day and the money was refunded.

  • so I ordered the R2R bundle also I canceled and got my money back withing 48 hours 2 business days. since the preorder date changed to April 30. I went in and added each item in the R2R bundle by its self (the bmw wheel, 8 nm csl dd and then the slc pedals) instead of the R2R bundle and ordered on the 29 of march. my order will be here tomorrow morning. on April 5th I think I may have found a loop hole lol

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