Order not shipped

I have made 2 separate orders, one arrived today, but I have recived no news on the other since last week, when i got told it was being prepared for shipment. What should I do? I already wrote an email to the support team


  • my fanatec order from 3/29/2024 will be at my house tomorrow. fanatec still hasnt let me know a tracking number or let me know that it shipped. I contacted the shippers and gave them a reference number which was my order number from fanatec and they told me my packages will be delivered tomoroow the 5th,

  • Has anyone ordered something in March and it has already arrived ? 

  • Not here. Still nothing and no answer from Fanatec.

    Made a dispute with Paypal. Now fanatec have 10 days to answer with proof they send it or it will be refunded.

    Can't believe they consider customers like that..

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