refund inquiry

I havent recieved an email back from fanatec support for over 7 business days. Right as Canada Post informed me that all 4 boxes arrived at the california warehouse, radio silent. This was a return oreder back to where it was sent, when the order was shipping i frequently was succesful at emailing support, (they asked for tracking number which i provided). ive tried emailing to [email protected] on multiple emails, while also tring to reply to the support emails that came from fanatec supoort, ive tried calling the cali warhouse (nothing goes through to real person, im guessing the voicemail i left wont be tocuhed), and now im going to try to call the Germany Headquaters which im guessing theyre going to say they cant help me.

What are the communities experiences when it comes to refunds in the return window for fanatec products for the USA warehouse?

Is there anything else i can do?


  • My experience (EU). Bought components during November 2023 BF. Part of them arrived in December. After that got mail that Formula wheel 2.5 f1 will be available in march 2024. Had option to cancel and receive voucher. I canceled the same day (mid December) and requested that they pick up the items I received as I wont need them. No one responded to my cancelation, nor I ever got voucher. Waited till end of feb. Sent mail, forum PM, FB PM, Instagram. Got response. End of march got voucher. Made order and receive it in 3 days!!! After that I have sent unpacked items that I got in December. The very same day Fanatec received them I got message from my bank that refund is issued. Next day I was refunded!

    Conclusion: BF orders - TERRIBLE.

    Orders after BF (in my case march 2024.) - buttery smooth and FAST! 3 days shipping (from the moment I paid to the moment I receive order).

    Once fanatec received components I canceled, took them 1 (ONE) day for refund.

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