Delivery time for Germany GT DD Pro


what are the delivery times for this Gran Turismo DD Pro.Order on 24th March.Order Number 1943512 No Reaktion after the Status Transit to Warehouse(übergabe ans Lager),this was two days after Order And now No News or information.

Please Tell me more about the Status



  • I placed mine on 26th March (DD PRO 8NM), same status. I am from Spain, lets see if we have an update soon...

  • Same here in France. Ordered on 28th March. DD5nm with Mclaren and QR2 stuff.. Still nothing. No answer.. Phone service desactivated..

  • QR2 Base-Side (Type-C) is available in pre-order from April 30th.

  • Now it is available from April 30th. But when ordered on 26 / 28 it was available.

    So I guess it will affect products ordered after the QR2 went into pre orders. Not BEFORE

  • On Reddit many people assure that they are receiving orders in less than a week.

  • Ordered on 28th March, early morning.

    Base, wheel and pedals, with QR2 (both wheel & base sides).

    All products declared ready for shipping in 4/7 working days.

    Payment gone perfectly and order switched to "Handover to warehouse".

    No news since then, no tracking number, no updates, nothing. I assumed Fanatec was a bit more serious than this, expecially given the prices.

    Hope they are going to send ASAP.

  • At some point we should start receiving -I hope- the orders... Lets put here the updates to try to understand the delays and the times...

    However, I have seen people that have ordered more recently that received already the orders so... That is for me the most worrying part, its a bit random, it seems it is not managed exactly in the same order than they were created. But maybe QR stuff can impact.

    We can only wait and see I am afraid.

  • Yes i would answer as soon as possible ,when i have a information or the Order is arrrived

  • I've orderd min GT DD pro 8NM bundle on the 14th of march.. Still no update after asking them info on different channels.

  • Ordinato il 12/3 fattura 15/3 ddpro 8 nm unico contatto ad oggi fanatecrepair il cui responsabile scrive abbiamo un piccolo ritardo al magazzino le farò sapere,data mail 5/4 aspettiamo con ansia,se ci sono 1000000 di ordini prima del mio sarà dura

  • Maybe the delays are only impacting people who ordered some specific objects, for exaple the GT DD Pro 8nm

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    Do you all have the status of the order "Handover to warehouse"? And all the items inside the order with status "OPEN".

    I have that status since I completed the order, so that is 2 weeks now.

  • Yes, my order is in the same situation

  • I received this message from Fanatec

    "Dear Mathieu, we’d like to apologise that you’re still waiting for your GT DD Pro in Europe. It appears that there are currently delays with the GT DD Pro in Europe. Please note that Customer Care will shortly be sending information to all affected customers. Your Fanatec Team"

    Wanted to share this information with you guys. I hope we receive the communication with specific time delays soon.

  • Thank you very much for the information Mathieu, really appreciated. Lets see how "shortly" it is the time they take to send the news :)

    In any case, it doesn't look very well...

  • Thanks Mathieu, for the information.With this new answer from fanatec.I have more understanding ,and i know fanatec Work in the Order

    I have DD Pro too on 24th march Order (Germany (

    I have not the Letter arrrived but i think i became soon the info

  • Thanks for the update Mathieu. Hope they sort this out fast!

    Since that base is currently still available in the shop i imagine it's just a logistic issue... let's hope for the best!

  • Still waiting for my order 26.2.24 DD+ and QR2.... Handover to warehouse for 5 weeks now....

  • My god Markus... That's unacceptable. I hope Fanatec say a word soon about the root cause of the issues

  • Yes that Is absolutely not acceptable.. expecially with no explaination at all about the issue

  • The company made an official statement at the end of March. The banks requested a series of conditions, including a restructuring, which the company satisfied, for the continuation of the financing.

    The fact that the banks are investing in the rescue of Fanatec is certainly positive, and gives hope, however the restructuring will take time.

    This is the cause of the problems.

    If you decide to buy products from a company in crisis, patience is needed.

  • Another affected here for the GT DD Pro Wheel Base. Ordered on march 31.

    As everyone else, i wrote fanatec via as many channels i found, getting the same response: none.

    There are people with other products ordered (not the DD) having the same problem, so i don't know what the cause of all this mess really is.

    If anyone has more info please share it here.

  • I think there are also not enough employees for the amount of email inquiries and processing orders

  • That is true Alessandro, but for example in my case I ordered before all the news about CEO and banks... And according to the comments, there are months of delays... And the company did not communicate to the customers, which is the most important part. Poeple is worried, and in this situation they can decide to cancel the orders because of the lack of information. And this is the worst scenario for them, financial issues and people asking for refunds... They need to be clear asap.

  • I personally had no idea about those issues with Fanatec when i placed my order.

    First of all, if they have this kind of problems with shipping products then they could just correct the shipping times displayed on the official shop. This would at least avoid creating false claims about their services towards their customers.

    Of course, if you sell a product and you say that it is available and ready for shipping in 4/7 days, then don't be surprised if people gets upset when they got nothing after months.

    I made some "more expensive" choices in my order just to be able to get the products asap, and now i'm stuck in this. I have no problems if they have some kind of issues and needs more time, but they have plenty of channels to use to claify the situation and help THEIR CUSTOMERS to accept the situation and be patient awaiting their products.

    If this was not Fanatec but an unknow seller on eBay i don't think we would gladly accept this crazy delays. Expecially since we are talking about quite expensive products and there is a huge lack of communication by their side.

  • I'm not saying you were aware of Fanatec's problems when you ordered. But now you know.

    Just as, if you are reading the other comments, you are aware of the company's predatory attitude in the last 6 months.

    I'm ready to bet a beer that Fanatec will be saved by the banks, but I don't think I would bet the €500 or €1000 on a new order now.

    The choice is yours to stay or ask for a refund. Even asking for a refund now, and trying again later, hoping for better times, could be an option.

    If you decide to trust Fanatec anyway, I don't think you will receive more communications or transparency anytime soon, and therefore you will have to be patient.

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    German quality... As an italian, this Is hilarious xD

  • I have See this new YouTube Video (5 hours ago) Maybe its Marketing or it is a Hidden info

    The YT Titel called Gran Turismo® DD Extreme is now back in stock for immediate shipping in all regions!

  • I purchased order 1946110 Gran Turismo® DD Extreme on March 28th!! it told me shipping in 3/5 days….. sent email, contacted on Facebook, telephone, fax and PEC…. no reply !! very disappointed I have been a customer for years….. disappointed disappointed and sad!! I don't sleep at night!! at least they deigned to answer!!

  • Still no news on my order after 3 weeks now. No news from Fanatec either.

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