CSL Elite Feedback for traction lose - F12019 PS4

Hi All

I'm getting nothing from the CSL elite when I lose traction/rear tires.

Have been using the pad for 3 years on F120** and when accelerating out of the corners you can find the sweet spot by getting a small vibration in the acceleration button.

I'm on the CSL elite now and really struggling to find any feedback from the lose of traction/rear tires. In fact I can do the most almighty spin out, completely lose the rear end and get nothing from the system other than the bumps on the track. This causing me big issues and I'm really struggling as to what I can do (if there is anything).

Is there perhaps a setting I'm missing perhaps or is this just something I have to accept?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Would help if you post your wheel/in game settings. Also keep in mind a controller simulates many effects so it would feel very different to using a wheel.

  • I have the same feeling. Dualshock 4 vibrations makes you able to feel the loss of traction under acceleration, loss of grip under braking and cornering slips. A priori, on F1 2019, a steering wheel does not give this information. This makes it very difficult to drive at the limit of the tyres. Like a lot of people I'm faster with the PS4 controller on F1 2019.

    I know that some Fanatec steering wheel have built-in vibrators that can be set via the SHO parameter. From what I understand these vibrators are used to feel vibrations in the steering wheel when the ABS is triggered.

    Are there any games where these vibrators are used to feel slippage during braking but also during acceleration and cornering ?

  • F1 2019 is also a bit more arcade-y style of a game and is pretty simple to drive well with a controller. If you try something more simulation like, such as Assetto Corsa, you will instantly be much better with a wheel (the game is almost unplayable with a controller)

  • Yes Assetto Corsa has a finer force feedback than F1 2019.

    I think that if steering wheels were able to vibrate as finely as a controller to simulate the grip we could be faster on both F1 2019 and Assetto Corsa. This will allow us to always drive to the limit. Also, I think this could help detect understeer and oversteer earlier. 

    Assetto Corsa has an option to make the steering wheel vibrate when the car slips, but this is not as precise as controller vibration. It makes the whole wheel vibrate. I wonder if it could not rather act on the motors built into the steering wheel. 

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