Why is the online shop still open?

If the company is about to go into insolvency and be taken over by another company, plus orders (like mine) are not being fulfilled, surely it is a legal requirement for the online shop to close and no more orders taken?

Or am I missing something...?


  • Sander DSander D Member

    I think Corsair is handing over €50 million or something to Fanatec to stave off insolvency.

  • well that is a positive thing... at least I might actually get my CS DD...

    At the end of the day, the brand of FANATEC is highly respected for their hardware. It's just a shame its been managed in such a poor manor for this past few years..

  • Sander DSander D Member

    Well ironically that huge cost of marketing the brand was likely the main reason for its financial collapse.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited May 12

    what you mean still open?

    because of sell a products ?

  • Hi Allan,

    Yes as in it is still actively selling products that may never be delivered.

  • Dean why do you think your ordered Product will neber be delivered?

    My CS DD F1 got delivered within 9 Days together with my Pedals.

    First of all, yes there are talks about getting aquired by Corsair but nothing has been signed yet. They still RMA your stuff, they still give you support but you just need to a wait a bit because other people tend to Email them once a Day which obviously just increases the load to handle.

    Also they will NOT enter Insolvency, there Plan is to take StaRUG. If you are interessted search for EndorAG and check the news from Financial Sites, but please do not watch those Clickbait Youtube videos where some state they habe exclusive informations, its NOT true.

  • Dean WilliamsDean Williams Member
    edited May 16

    Just a quick scan of these forums shows up plenty of people who are still waiting for their orders 6 months after placing their order...

    Although I have to now shot myself down as I have received my tracking code and have paid import customs. UPS has informed me I should have delivery next Tues, only 3 weeks after placing my order. Which, compared to when I ordered last year and it took 3 months, is a vast improvement.

    I really like Fanatec hardware, so I DO want this brand to survive... So I hope all gets sorted....

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