What is the Compatibility mode for

Here is a question that I have been thinking about since my CSL DD and now with my CS DD.

What is the compatibility mode for ?

  • when do I need to use this mode? I do own a CS Stereing wheel V2 X (why you call it 2.5?). Is this compatibility mode between the base and the steering wheel? But arent they already compatible?

I dont understand this 🤔


  • Hey, the compatibility mode is when your game might not recognise your dd/wheel and therefore uses an older protocol or some sort If I’m not wrong.

    and for the CS Steering Wheel, the newest Model is a V2.5 which got the Magnetic Shifter Paddel by default which the V2 didn’t had.

  • some older games have the specific base demand what is needed for turn the steering wheel leds on, that's where compatibility mode comes to help

  • thank you bot for your reply. I am not able to reply individally with your seperate quotes

  • Just to clarify (if needed)

    Compatibility mode makes the connected device (PC/console) think you have a CSW 2.5, instead of a DD - since older games wont know about the newer dd wheelbases.

    For the CS Steering wheel - i assume you mean the Formula v2 wheel. That had full PC/PS/XBox compatibility. The Formula v2.5 has upgraded magnetic shifters, but not have xbox compatibility. The Formula V2.5 X has the magnetic shifters and xbox compatibility

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    thank you for your elaboration. I think i understand it now.

    I have this steering wheel like the one in the picture here below

    hey i can add media links 😀

  • that's not true that older games wont work, there is only some games what may not work correctly as they want the CSW

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